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Context Scotland’s First Minister has outlined her ambition for a socially just Scotland. This is to be founded on three key priorities – participation, prosperity and fairness. In practice we understand this to mean ending poverty, tackling inequalities, reposition… Read more

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David Maxwell from Volunteer Glasgow reflects on why SCVO’s “big idea” aligns with existing volunteering needs, strategies and policy issues. Read more

Running your organisation

SCVO support to help you manage your organisation. Information on managing charity finances. Advice on how to write a business plan and more… Read more


Introduction Milo holds information about all different types of organisations e.g.: Voluntary Organisations Statutory Organisations Private Companies Partnership/Networks Educational establishments These are managed using the Organisations object in Milo. For an Organisation, Mi… Read more
EU Nationals living and working in Scotland SVO Briefing April 2018 Print PDF version here The following briefing is based on SCVO analysis of data from the Annual Population Survey (APS) and Labour Force Survey (LFS), between 2015 and 2017. General figures on EU na… Read more
Shifting the balance of the bill The need to radically rethink how public services operate and the outcomes they achieve is part of the rationale behind the Bill. There are significant challenges ahead in this regard, not least of these being the need to shift power… Read more