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This Wednesday, SCVO organised a Digital Innovation event. As one of SCVO’s developers, I was asked to sit in and share my thoughts on the event. Our world has started to change very quickly, this change brings with it challenges. In order to use technology effectiv… Read more

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About a year back, I started working on the Good HQ project, SCVO’s new charity social media site. This is no small task, and as an experimental project, it uses a number of pretty new technologies. As it doesn’t rely on the SCVO’s existing infrastructure, it needs … Read more
Hi, this is Alex, lead developer on SCVO Labs. Nice to meet you! For the last few weeks I’ve been building a prototype of the underlying system which the SCVO Labs app will be running on.I’m a Java developer by history, and this is my first time doing full-stack dev… Read more
Budgeting Fun This should be the time of year when many of us have fun with the Scottish Government budget. How much has the third sector got? Is the money going into any exciting new funds? Which communities look set to benefit? However, a delay to the budget has c… Read more
Rt Hon Alex Salmond MSP, First Minister Address to SCVO Annual Gathering, Wednesday 19 February 2014 Introduction Thank you. It’s a pleasure to be here for the SCVO’s tenth annual gathering. The third sector has 45,000 organisations in Scotland, 130,000 employees, a… Read more
Here in Team Digital we recently had a discussion about exactly how secure public WiFi is (life in Digital can get pretty intense!). The debate centered around whether a public, but trusted, WiFi provider was essentially secure if you were only accessing sites with … Read more