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The Scottish Government are creating plans to tackle our nation’s obesity problem and create a healthier future for Scots. They are seeking views on their ambitions on diet, activity and healthy weight strategy which includes increasing opportunities for people to b… Read more

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Giving the sector a voice Welcome to our blogs page – a platform for colleagues from charities, social enterprises and voluntary organisations to share what matters to them. Here you’ll find a range of opinion pieces from both SCVO staff and others working in Scotland… Read more
Scotland’s levels of obesity are the worst in the UK and we are among the heaviest nations in Europe. As an adult, it is now more normal to be overweight or obese in Scotland than it is to be a healthy weight. While if you look around any primary school playground i… Read more
What were the top SCVO blogs of 2014? 2014 was a year dominated by the independence referendum, and that’s reflected in this year’s top blogs. The third sector in Scotland worked with us to make sure that charities and voluntary organisations had a strong voice in t… Read more
Many may loathe seeing money being spent on fundraising, but investment now will ensure the sector can continue to provide high quality services and projects in the future. Read more
A new way of thinking… We would like to introduce you to a new and distinctive approach to building healthier and happier communities. Our approach is particularly relevant in the context of health and social care integration and wider public service reform as it: P… Read more