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As you may have noticed, Liam Fox – the UK Secretary of State for International Trade – is in Washington DC.  Poor Liam, you have to feel for him. Despite his best efforts to focus our attention on a “new and exciting chapter” in UK-US trade relations, the start of … Read more

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As we move into the festive period, many of us will be reflecting on what this year has meant for us. We may also be looking ahead, planning our resolutions, joining the local gym (again), digging out that diet plan (again) – you know the drill. For many of us in th… Read more
The Prime Minister has guaranteed that the UK will participate in Erasmus+ until 2020, but what happens next is far from certain. Theresa May has recently guaranteed that the UK will retain access to the Erasmus+ programme until 2020. This was largely touted as good… Read more
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