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It’s fantastic that the Smith Commission recommends the devolution of power over elections. It looks like votes for 16 and 17-year-olds are coming to Scotland! Read more

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Joint letter to Smith Commission 10 October 2014 Lord Smith The Smith Commission 7th Floor One Atria 144 Morrison Street Edinburgh EH3 8EX Dear Lord Smith As representatives of some of the major interests in civil society in Scotland, we are well aware of the challe… Read more
Key Principles and Themes The purpose of devolution is to bring power to where it is most appropriate and to help: reduce inequality and celebrate diversity promote social justice create a more inclusive society enable and empower people promote environmental and ec… Read more
This morning the Smith Commission released its report, setting out the agreement between the main political parties on which further powers to devolve to Scotland. In our original submission to the Smith Commission, we asked for a number of powers to be devolved. Be… Read more


Giving the sector a voice Welcome to our blogs page – a platform for colleagues from charities, social enterprises and voluntary organisations to share what matters to them. Here you’ll find a range of opinion pieces from both SCVO staff and others working in Scotland… Read more
In good faith, we hope to see opportunities to create a more empowering approach to social security, post Smith Read more