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With a flurry of fundraising news over the last few weeks where the considerable focus (and, in some cases, criticism) has been south of the border, you may be thinking ‘what does this mean for Scotland?’ The first thing to note is that Northern Ireland came to a de… Read more

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SCVO media release 30 June 2016 An enhanced model for charity fundraising regulation in Scotland will see more responsibility placed on charities and the Scottish charity regulator, OSCR, to encourage good practice. The move follows an extensive period of consultati… Read more
The Independent Fundraising Standards & Adjudication Panel for Scotland was formally established in December 2016, to promote good fundraising standards and adjudicate on fundraising complaints throughout Scottish registered charities. You can hear more about th… Read more
Context SCVO’s report into charitable public fundraising in Scotland was published on 23 September, alongside a review conducted by Sir Stuart Etherington for the Cabinet Office of the UK Government. Both reports share the broad conclusions that the current arrangem… Read more
It has been a difficult couple of years for many fundraising organisations. High-profile media coverage of instances of poor fundraising practice in the UK came as a shock not only to the public, but also to the vast majority of those fundraising organisations and m… Read more
The effectiveness of the self-regulation of fundraising in Scotland: an informal review August 2015 Contents Foreword 1.0 Executive summary 2.0 Introduction 3.0 Fundraising in Scotland 3.1 Who fundraises? 3.2 How is money raised? 3.3 How much are charities raising i… Read more