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As charities and CASCs, we do not need to worry about recent changes to income tax bands – and nor, in the main, do our donors. Unless you were otherwise engaged with, oh, I don’t know, Christmas shopping last week, you may have noticed the draft Scottish budget bei… Read more

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Ruchir explores the implications of the Smith Commission report for Gift Aid, VAT rebates, and the social investment tax relief scheme. Read more
Last week I chaired a joint SCVO-ICAS event on charity tax. We had speakers from the UK Treasury and Revenue and Customs, and from the Charity Tax Group. ICAS also spoke. It was a good session, with about 30 attendees – a mix of sector (large and small) and chartere… Read more
Our response SCVO welcomes the opportunity to respond to this consultation and would like to contribute the following, based on conversations with our elected policy committee, and with others across our sector and wider civil society. Introduction With new tax powe… Read more
In response to today’s (Thursday 2 November 2017) publication of the Scottish Government’s ‘The Role of Income Tax in Scotland’s Budget’ discussion paper, John Downie, Director of Public Affairs at the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) said: “SCVO … Read more


Giving the sector a voice Welcome to our blogs page – a platform for colleagues from charities, social enterprises and voluntary organisations to share what matters to them. Here you’ll find a range of opinion pieces from both SCVO staff and others working in Scotland… Read more