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You could not fail to miss the coverage of the worldwide ransomware attack over the weekend which particularly affected the NHS. The scale of the attack, and its impact on public services, is unprecedented. However, similar attacks happen on a daily basis and third … Read more

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Being cyber resilient is both the prevention of cyber breaches and also making sure that if a breach occurs you are able to respond without losing business continuity. A cyber breach isn’t necessarily a ‘hack’, but it is any incident in which data is lost or stolen,… Read more


Giving the sector a voice Welcome to our blogs page – a platform for colleagues from charities, social enterprises and voluntary organisations to share what matters to them. Here you’ll find a range of opinion pieces from both SCVO staff and others working in Scotland… Read more

Data protection & GDPR

Data Protection Act. If you hold and process information about your clients, employees or suppliers, you are legally obliged to protect that… Read more
Four reasons why action learning is key to charity digital leadership Read more
Tracey Bird explains that while conflicts of interest can happen on boards, if you deal with them proactively, you can make sure your organisation doesn’t hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Read more