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What does last week’s referendum result mean for Scottish organisations dealing with the impact of welfare reforms in their communities? Read more

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Introduction SCVO welcomes the opportunity to respond to this timely and important inquiry by the Welfare Reform Committee. The Committee has been one of the most effective in the Scottish Parliament, scrutinizing and challenging both UK and Scottish policy. Such te… Read more
The bigger picture A new economy – less dependency Examining the future of welfare in Scotland without understanding why people are dependent on a myriad of benefits and allowances is a mistake. Within the third sector, and more widely, there is a growing call for o… Read more
Introduction Sadly, SCVO and other third sector organisations find themselves having to brief MPs on further, devastating changes to tax and benefits which will serve to push more people into poverty. Rather than achieving the goal of making work pay, the reforms ou… Read more
Overview The impact of welfare reform has been felt across Scotland, and, as research commissioned by the Scottish Parliament’s Welfare Reform Committee shows, the most deprived areas in Scotland will take the biggest financial hit. With the reforms taking more than… Read more
Summary SCVO welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the debate on the impact of welfare reform. On the day that the Poverty in Scotland publication is launched, never has a debate been more timely or appropriate. As press coverage highlighted last weekend i, the … Read more