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Like many colleagues across the sector, last week I finalised SCVO’s response to the Social Security Committee on the Social Security (Scotland) Bill (hurray!). In our response, as is echoed across the third sector, SCVO welcomed the Scottish Government’s aspiration… Read more

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Whilst our MSPs have been enjoying their recess, it’s been a typically busy Summer for our sector. Top of the agenda for many will have been the draft Scottish Social Security Bill – and so it should be. This bill covers a wide range of benefits and, with the propos… Read more
John Downie, Director of Public Affairs at SCVO, responded today to the publication of the Social Security (Scotland) Bill: “The publication of the Social Security Bill is a landmark moment for the Scottish Parliament and we are pleased that the forthright views of … Read more
Social Security (Scotland) Bill SCVO response to Social Security Committee 29 August 2017 Our position The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) welcome the opportunity to respond to the Social Security Committee’s call for evidence. The Scottish Gover… Read more
Briefing Paper: Social Security (Scotland) Bill 6 December 2017 Our position The Scottish Government’s aspirations to take a rights based approach to social security has been welcomed by SCVO, our members, and the wider third sector who recognise that a rights-based… Read more
Scottish Social Security Committee vote not to amend Bill to include ‘due regard’ duty This morning (Thursday 8 February 2018), the Scottish Social Security Committee continued to consider the many amendments (over 200 at my last count) lodged at Stage 2 of the Soci… Read more