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There is no disputing the scale of change that has taken place since the digital revolution, impacting significantly on how we choose to communicate, learn, shop, bank, engage in discussion, get our news and be entertained.

Currently in Scotland 50% of third sector organisations in Scotland are not making the most of using digital technologies. We’re aiming to support organisations to evolve; changing the way they work to become more efficient, effective and responsive by taking advantage of the internet and new technologies.

What we know

  • 50% of charities in Scotland do not have basic organisational digital skills
  • The potential of digital for the third sector goes beyond marketing and fundraising
  • There is a significant demand for increased support for third sector organisations to make more use of digital and there are significant knowledge and skills gaps within the sector
  • Many Chief Executives and Trustees need to better understand the opportunities provided by digital
  • Leadership from trustees and senior managers is crucial to enable digital transformation, as success is built on people rather than technology
  • There is a need to move people’s understanding of technology from IT as a barrier to digital as an enabler
  • Organisations often lack funding, time and space for innovation. Adequately resourced, digital could improve their efficiency and effectiveness as well as their income

What can I do to get involved?

Read the Call to Action

We’ve worked with over 80 CEOs and Senior Leaders to help them on their journeys to leading digital evolution within their organisations. We drew on this learning to develop the Call to Action to Create a Digitally Confident Third Sector in 2016 and the latest update paper in 2018.

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Attend a OneDigital Meetup

Across Scotland we are supporting groups of people to come together to understand how they can learn about and integrate a whole range of new tools to help their organisations work more effectively for the beneficiaries and service users. Here you’ll find details of the places and dates.

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Senior Leaders Programme

This programme with an ‘Action Learning Set’ approach, offers you the opportunity to build your personal knowledge and confidence on digital from our experienced facilitators, industry experts and our Programme Alumni.

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Cyber Resilience and Cyber Essential Grants

We are working with Scottish charities to build commitment from third sector leaders to assess and improve their cyber resilience. Find out more about Cyber Essentials Grants and how to apply.

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Page last modified on 23rd October 2018