Craig Wilson of Big Hearts on the SLP

The Gathering 2018

The biggest strength of the programme was the diverse nature of the organisations involved as they could all bring something different to the table. It’s great to be able to see outside the box.

The programme over 6 months gave me a real chance to see what could be implemented and how things where evolving. The programme was a moving feast of challenges and options and learning from each other. Digital is everywhere and no longer seen as one person’s responsibility (in our organisation). As we grow, what we need to do in terms of service design and culture, we continue to think about digital as embedded and how we can use digital to engage with as many people as possible.

As a result of the programme we were able to create a culture of flexibility and collaboration right from the start, being a small organisation was really beneficial and a huge advantage and allowed me to think differently. We can move and adopt digital quickly.

Some of the benefits have been, creating a culture of experimenting, increasing our own knowledge of what’s available ; being to save money using digital, for example we saved money by moving to google and g-suite, saving staff time, in that they can access things at home. We have also increased our own knowledge of the service, the people that use the service and are now, as a result better able to work in partnership and to do things ourselves, no longer reliant on consultants.

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