Programme structure

The programme takes place over six months. 

Successful applicants will be split into two cohorts, and will meet between January and June 2020. The dates of these meetings are listed below.

Each session will run from 10am – 4pm and the day will be divided into two sections.

  • Morning – An expert speaker will provide a short input on the themes listed below, and there will be exploration of how this theme impacts on your organisation.
  • Afternoon – Each organisation will be allocated time to dig deeply into the main ‘issue’ facing their organisation. This discussion will be facilitated through action learning.

You will be asked to come to the first session with a digital issue that you can tackle over the period of the programme, supported by your peers. This could be:

  • Transforming elements of an existing service using digital.
  • Developing a new service using digital.
  • Understanding user-needs through better use of data.
  • Developing organisational culture to meet the needs of users and improve staff performance & well-being.
  • Making better use of data to spot trends and make key decisions.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Fundamentally the issue you bring to the group should be real and pressing – this is not a theoretical exercise.

The locations of each session will be determined based on cohort member locations.

Month Cohort A Cohort B Theme
January 23/01/20-24/01/20 23/01/20-24/01/20 Residential – Introduction and Leadership & Culture
February 19/02/20 26/02/20 Service Design
March 18/03/20 25/03/20 Utilising Data
April 22/04/20 29/04/20 Flexible Technology
May 20/05/20 27/05/20 Cyber Threats & Resilience
June 24/06/20 24/06/20 Your Digital Road Map

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