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Right now in Scotland, one in five adults lack essential digital skills. These are the skills of communicating, handling information and content, transacting, problem solving and being safe and legal online. This equips everyone to fully participate in modern day to day life. The people more likely not to have these skills are older, poorer and facing other forms of disadvantage. In order to tackle exclusion and inequalities, our work focuses on equipping everyone with these skills.

What we know

  • 800,000 people in Scotland do not have essential digital skills
  • 90% of jobs in all industries require people to have good levels of essential digital skills
  • Those without essential digital skills are more likely to be older, poorer and facing other forms of inequality
  • To get people benefiting from the opportunities provided by the internet, motivation and skills are often bigger issues than access
  • 50% of people that don’t have the skills want to acquire them…
  • … most of the rest can be convinced, but the key is finding a ‘hook’. This needs to be about individuals.
  • Smartphones are not a silver bullet to increase digital participation
  • People in work achieve a rise in earnings of between 3% and 10% if they have essential digital skills

Why do digital skills matter?

What can I do to get involved?

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