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The Garve and District Development Company

Working closely with our community, a survey was carried out during 2016, 59% of respondents answered yes to the question “I think Garve and District should develop its own Community Development Trust”. This resulted in the formation of The Garve and District Development Company in 2017. Our community organisation currently has seven voluntary Board Directors and a paid, part-time Community Engagement and Development Officer.

Our vision is of a sustainable community where individuals lead the fulfilled lives they seek. Our mission is to improve the social, cultural, economic and environmental well-being of individuals and businesses by identifying and meeting community needs. We will create enterprise and projects, care for the environment, and promote the use of local resources, working with and for the local community, involving people, groups and businesses.

To achieve this vision, we are committed to the 5 Digital Charter pledges which will impact on this proposed project.

  • From 3rd September 2018 to 2nd September 2019
  • Award: £9,997.88 via Call 6

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Project plan

Project description

This hyper-local, inter-generational project will focus on supporting older people to reduce social isolation and loneliness by the provision of one to one meetings and 8 community learning sessions. Using familiar settings, we will encourage users to develop basic digital skills by introducing the concept of and access to a new Digital Community Hub and encouraging a digital network of users.

In order to break down potential barriers e.g. lack of confidence and limited transport, we have ensured that these elements are built in and are key to the Project’s success. We will use mini-buses for transport and provide a Key Worker, a familiar face, this will promote the confidence of service users during their journey. We will also alleviate lack of confidence via the provision of home visits to introduce the project; build rapport; provide the opportunity for an initial assessment of needs and skills and identify, in a one to one situation, the individual’s goals. Visits will be carried out by the Project Facilitator; project staff will also undergo a PVG check given the vulnerable nature of this community group.

Sessions will include the provision of a wholesome light meal and the opportunity to meet and make friends whilst learning. Learning activities will be based on the initial skills assessment following one to one visits and aimed at giving users the skills to access our digital hub. We will ask for help from young folk working with local youth organisations and encourage inter-generational teaching and learning.

Although the project will require the purchase and hire of some equipment, we want the sessions to promote the use of participant’s own devices wherever possible i.e. mobile phone, tablets and laptops and will encourage users to bring devices to the sessions.

Project milestones

Phase 1

Publicise success of application using prescribed funding logos, develop budget tracker and purchase equipment.

Phase 2

Recruit, select staff and apply for PVGs.

Phase 3

Project Facilitator arranges and completes one to one visits, develops learning resources, liaise with venues, caters and transport providers.

Phase 4

Keyworker in place. 8 Garve and District DigiHub Sessions take place and are evaluated.



17 residents aged 60+ have received a 1:1 session. 12 have attended Foundation Skills sessions and 18 community members attended a community lunch and started getting familiar with our on-line community hub and making connections within the community.

Garve & District DigiHub

Milestones 1 - Publicise success of application using prescribed funding logos, develop budget tracker and purchase equipment. The project has been publicised via and social media; we have contacted 174 housesholds in Garve & District to encourage sign-up and are awaiting response; and the majority of equipment has been purchased in readiness.

Milestone 2 - Recruit, select staff and apply for PVGs.

We have successfully recruited for and appointed a DigiHub Facilitator, who is fully PVG checked, we are in the process of preparing the recruitment information for out Keyworker role.

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