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General statement on composition of trustees Composition of Trustees 4A The Trustees shall exercise their powers under clause 5 with regard to appointment of Trustees in such a way as to ensure that, so far as reasonably possible, at any given time:- [insert appropr… Read more

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Write your constitution

Write your constitution. Once you have decided on your legal structure and are ready to draft your constitution you may find it helpful to… Read more
September 2017 Summary Introduction Here at SCVO we have been engaging our members in a wide-ranging conversation on tax and spending options, in order to find out what are the suggestions the third sector would like to bring to the table ahead of this year’s budget… Read more
Summary The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations welcomes the opportunity to respond to this consultation, and would like to offer the following for consideration. Although there now won’t be a constitution in the near future, there are some key points that … Read more
Lynn critiques the planned social security cuts and calls on activists to stand tall and fight back Read more

Write your SCIO constitution

A Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) is a legal structure developed especially for charities in Scotland. It is important to note that the SCIO model is only available if the organisation is eligible for charitable status. At a practical level this means that th… Read more