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On International Women’s day Sheghley Ogilvie looks at issues around gender equality, from ‘every day sexism’ to the serious social problems that stem from basic inequality. This week I went for lunch with a friend. We chatted about this and that and as we all do fr… Read more

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A few weeks ago, SCVO asked us to write a short blog about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Specifically, the SDG concerning gender equality and its link to the rest of the goals. For those unfamiliar, the fifth of the 17 SDGs commits member states to ach… Read more
Half of Scotland’s private land in the hands of a small but powerful group. With changes on the horizon is radical reform finally a possibility? Read more
Jill Wood, policy manager at Engender, takes a look at the referendum debate from a women’s rights perspective. Read more
The big stooshie over what the BBC pays its stars made for interesting reading last week, and anyone from the third sector who thinks this bad news story has no bearing on what we do, should think again… Last week’s BBC Annual Report and Accounts not only showed sev… Read more
Research suggests there’s a long way to go on disabilities, pay and poverty Read more