Effective minute taking 9th January 2020, Glasgow

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9th January 2020 10:00
9th January 2020 16:00
Teresa Dolan
Helen Swatton
0141 465 7531
SCVO Member £100, Third sector non-member £150, Private/Public £200
Course overview

Can someone take the minutes? Wow, what a lovely carpet …isn’t that a great view…how often do you avoid eye contact when this question is asked in meetings?

Taking minutes can be daunting, but take courage – attend this interactive course, look them in the eye and say “I’ll be happy to do it!”

Overall course aim

During this one day course you will learn what your role and responsibilities as a minute taker are, new ways of taking accurate notes in meetings and pick-up top tips and tricks to help you produce easy to read minutes.

Course objectives

What’s the big deal with minutes any way? Minutes are a record of what takes place at a meeting and ensures nothing is lost or forgotten – you will learn how to take, prepare, and present minutes.

No need to write like the wind and capture every word – minutes don’t have to be verbatim but they do have to record certain facts. You will explore what must be recorded: participants, decisions, actions…

Time is precious, so make every second count – think like a Scout and be prepared! Teresa Dolan will discuss the meeting cycle and what to prepare before your meeting takes place.

Minutes don’t have to be long, complicated or in fancy language but they do need to record clearly and simply…you will examine the most difficult aspects of taking minutes and how best to address them.

Anyone can scribble a rough outline of a meeting, right? Yes, but to take good notes and create minutes that provide an accurate reflection requires a particular set of skills – Teresa will show you!

The good, the bad and the ugly – get the pop-corn ready as you screen them all! You’ll examine good and bad minutes, which will help you follow best practice and avoid common mistakes.

Who is the course aimed at?

This one day course is for anyone who has to take notes or minutes in meetings and produce minutes, whether they are experienced and wish to refresh their existing skills and knowledge or are new to the role and require a basic understanding of minute taking.

Other information

This practical course gives participants the opportunity to practice note taking and set out minutes, with plenty of opportunities for questions, discussion and exercises.

Note: Only a few places left!

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