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SCVOs digital evolution programme focuses on supporting organisations to understand how digital technologies can help them transform. So far we’ve taken our soundings from a vast array of leaders who have participated in and shown their interest in our Senior Leader… Read more

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Here’s the latest roundup of progress over the last fortnight. A pre-release edition of the product is online under the working title Good HQ, and we’ve started to roll out a small number of test accounts. Done (technical): Improved user pages showing more useful su… Read more

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Get ready. Fundraising is often critical to the success of your organisation, and should be a long term carefully considered process. But… Read more


Introduction Milo holds a vast amount of different types of information e.g.: Organisations Contacts Volunteer Opportunities Volunteer Registrations Interactions Reporting helps you to extract the specific information that you require from the data held on Milo e.g. how many orga… Read more
The need for third sector organisations to forge ahead using digital across all aspects of their organisations has never been so great. Technology continues apace and shows no signs of slowing. So, what do we do? Where do we start and how do we progress? These were … Read more