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Early this morning I heard a great speaker on the radio for Safer Internet Day talking about the power of the internet to do good, to help more people and change the world. Their call to action was to fill the internet and social media with more good things. The con… Read more

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This is something of a milestone update: our alpha product is close to feature complete, and we are now accepting signups from anyone who is interested in taking the product for a spin. Head over to the Good HQ homepage, hit sign up to get started, and then let us k… Read more

Digital Participation Events

Tackling digital & social exclusion – local workshops Join us at a local workshop to explore together how we can provide effective support to those facing digital and social exclusion. Are you involved in working to tackle social exclusion? Whether you are working to su… Read more


#EUareValued Here at SCVO, we love charities. We believe every person who works to make a difference to Scottish communities should be valued, and that includes our colleagues who have come from other EU countries to live and work here. Scotland’s third sector is strengthened tha… Read more
The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) is calling for third sector organisations across the country to put supports in place to encourage EU nationals on their staff to remain in Scotland. According to the Office for National Statistics, 117,000 EU … Read more

Events & networking

Do you want to use digital to reach more people in your community? Are you looking to improve your service through digital tools and approaches? Do you want to connect with and learn from others across our sector about digital? Why not sign up for one of our free events and netwo… Read more