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Roles & responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities. Members of governing bodies go by a variety of names – ‘Trustees’, ‘Management or Executive Committee Members… Read more

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Many may loathe seeing money being spent on fundraising, but investment now will ensure the sector can continue to provide high quality services and projects in the future. Read more
Martin Sime, Chief Executive of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, has today issued a statement following the 2017 UK Election results: There has been some interesting analysis around the election results this morning, and while there have been a few … Read more
Timetable Lord Smith’s initial request was to provide views by today, 10 October, in order to meet the challenging timetable agreed by the Better Together parties. Whilst we have appreciated the extension to 31 October, which was granted three days later, this has g… Read more
Following George Osborne’s speech proposing that long-term unemployed people will be forced into community service, John Downie, Director of Public Affairs, SCVO said: “The UK Government must stop this ritual humiliation of unemployed people “The so-called “Help to … Read more


What your employer expects from you You have signed a contract of employment with your employer so they have the same expectations of you as every other employee. This means that (as a minimum) you should: Be on time and in work when expected Let your supervisor know straight awa… Read more