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Other structures

Other structures. Social enterprise. Karina MacRitchie from Senscot Legal outlines the . OSCR has answered some . TFN has a useful article… Read more

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Decide on structure

Decide on a structure. Choose the right legal structure for your organisation, based on what you plan to do. The type of legal structure… Read more

Voluntary or unincorporated association

Voluntary or unincorporated association. A voluntary or unincorporated association is a group of people who have decided to work together to… Read more

Setting up a charity

Setting up a charity. From Voluntary associations to trusts, social enterprises, companies limited by guarantee and SCIOs – it’s now wonder… Read more


Trust. A trust is usually set up where assets (eg property, investments) are given by one person (the Donor) to another (the Trustees) with… Read more


Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation. A Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation is a legal structure which has been purpose… Read more