Aftercare information

Whilst on CJS your employer has a responsibility to ensure you participate in jobsearch and keep up-to-date with labour market job opportunities.

We would encourage everyone to use the careers tools and advice available on the Skills Development Scotland’s My World of Work website. This is free to use and helps you to:

  • plan your career
  • identify your strengths
  • build a CV
  • apply for work
  • prepare for interviews

Looking for another job?

When coming to the end of your CJS contract you should link in with your Local Employability Partnership contact, Jobcentre Plus or Skills Development Scotland advisor so that you can receive additional support and advice in moving forward.

There are many employers advertising a variety of Modern Apprenticeship jobs across the country. There are a range of jobs covering Retail/Customer Service, Hospitality/Catering/Tourism to Administration/Business Management, Transport/Distribution and Logistics etc. An MA can help you to further develop your work skills and lead to an industry-recognised qualification.

There are many websites advertising job vacancies and they can also be a good source of advice and support.


There are Employer Recruitment Incentive initiatives available that may help employers with subsidising wage costs for a period. You can make potential employers aware of this information.

Scotland’s Employer Recruitment Incentive

SERI is an employer recruitment incentive which continues to deliver the Scottish Government’s commitment to target support at unemployed young people, with the greatest barriers to employment, to enable them to obtain and remain in sustainable employment including Modern Apprenticeships. More information and a list of local contacts.

Open Doors

A package of additional in-work support, funded by Scottish Government and delivered by an extended Open Doors Consortium is also available. With funding of up to £500 per young person for support via the Open Doors Consortium. This additional in-work support will be tailored to the needs of the individual, for example; training, mentoring, advising employers on specific health and safety issues in the workplace and job coaching. More information and contact details

Local Authority wage subsidy programmes

Many councils operate wage subsidy programmes which are made available to small/medium local employer organisations. To find out more details and if your council offer a wage subsidy programme visit your local council website or check My Gov.

Other options?

If you live in Glasgow and are currently employed you can access support and funding to progress into work through either Intensive Employability Support or the Young Peoples Consortium Employability Project.

To find out more about the projects or to apply, please contact: 0141 554 9560/0560 or email

Page last modified on 21st August 2019