CJS job criteria

What we’re looking for in a CJS job

We pride ourselves in providing meaningful jobs which support young people into sustainable employment.

A CJS job will:

  • offer a minimum of 25 hours of paid work each week
  • 16 hours per week for part-time posts
  • pay at least:
    • £6.15 per hour 16-20 year olds
    • £7.70 per hour 21-24 year olds
    • £8.21 per hour 25-29 year olds

Where possible, we encourage our employers to offer more hours and/or a higher wage rate.

  • last up to
    • 52 weeks for vulnerable 16-29 year-olds
    • 78 weeks for young people in part-time posts (16 hrs)
  • be additional and generate demonstrable community benefit
  • be located in Scotland

We also expect employers to provide the following:

  • an induction
  • on-the job training
  • support and supervision
  • job search support
  • a progress review at the 26/39 week stage
  • an ongoing focus on assisting the individual into lasting employment

To help employers support their CJS employee there is a CJS Flexible Training Fund of £200 per CJS employee to assist with identified support and additional training costs.

Page last modified on 19th June 2019