Responsibilities of a CJS employer

All voluntary sector employers participating in Community Jobs Scotland (CJS) are required to read and Docusign a “Memorandum of Understanding” which sets out the terms and conditions under which the CJS jobs are created. This will be forwarded to you prior to any CJS jobs being advertised.

A young person recruited through CJS funding becomes a staff member of your organisation, as their employer you have the responsibility to meet all statutory obiligations.

Employers are expected to ensure that each CJS employee:

  • Receives a job offer letter
  • Receives a copy of their Job Description
  • Is entitled to the same conditions of employment as your other employees
  • Receives a written Contract of Employment or Terms and Conditions of Employment
  • Participates in induction training within 2 weeks of starting their job
  • Is provided with a named supervisor who is responsible for day-to-day support and oversees their progress.
  • Completes a recorded review/progress meeting, at least on a monthly basis
  • Receive appropriate on-the-job training to enable them to adequately carry out their role. We also encourage employers to provide all appropriate training in-line with the policies
  • Is made aware of the CJS Flexible Training Fund and is able to attend any additional training arranged using the fund.
  • Participates in jobsearch and keeps up-to-date with labour market vacancies. This includes registering with and utilising Skills Development Scotland’s My World of Work website
  • Is supported in their progression towards long-term sustained employment.
  • Receives a recorded Exit Interview on leaving your employment

Each employer must also:

  • Comply with all current Health and Safety Legislation and ensure that the CJS employee is provided with any relevant written health and safety instructions.
  • Comply with current and future Equality and Diversity legislation and policies ensuring that equal opportunities policies are put into practice in the workplace.
  • Ensure that CJS employees know that discrimination (both direct and indirect) and harassment will not be tolerated in the workplace and that they are working in an environment which is free from discrimination or harassment and which protects their dignity.
  • Ensure that an easily accessible grievance procedure is in place. This needs to be clearly explained to each employee.
  • Comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations (May 2018). This applies to data sharing, transfer and retention.
  • Notify their SCVO Account Manager when a CJS employee is absent or expected to be absent from their work place for 4 weeks or more.
  • Notify their SCVO Account Manager as soon as possible when the CJS employer is facing any redundancy situations which may impact on the CJS employee whether directly or indirectly.
  • Provide a review of the CJS employee’s progression at their contract mid-point.

A full CJS Employer Guidance document is available to download via CJS Support on the Salesforce community portal.

Page last modified on 19th August 2019