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Introduction SCVO welcomes the opportunity to respond to this timely and important inquiry by the Welfare Reform Committee. The Committee has been one of the most effective in the Scottish Parliament, scrutinizing and challenging both UK and Scottish policy. Such te… Read more

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Engagement Having sought the view of our members regarding the forthcoming Social Security Bill, we are aware there exists a plethora of ideas, opinions and suggestions to make this legislation as effective as possible. By utilising the expertise of Scotland’s third… Read more
SCVO views the issue of land reform primarily in terms of the individuals and communities who live on the land. We are concerned with the potential for their relationship with the land to empower them to take voluntary action to help themselves and others and to bri… Read more
Introduction In general, we welcome the broad direction of travel of social security in Scotland, in particular the emphasis placed on ensuring each individual is treated with dignity and respect. Our members recognise the scale of the challenges facing the Scottish… Read more
There are no guarantees that Scotland would create a more compassionate and caring benefits system says Lynn; we will need to fight for a different approach. Read more
Organisations across the third sector have welcomed the Scottish Government’s aspirations to take a rights based approach to social security and are now calling for MSPs to support an amendment to the Social Security (Scotland) Bill, on the subject of independent ad… Read more