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Review of existing Fund We are concerned that there is a sense of speed surrounding the introduction of the Bill to place the Fund on a permanent legal footing. Whilst we recognise that this is important, particularly for those families who will use it, we feel that… Read more

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Delaying the bill to review options and delivery We are concerned about the relative speed at which the Bill is being taken forward. Given some of the concerns highlighted by our members, by the Evaluation of the Interim Fund and the significant carry-over of funds … Read more
General Concerns On reading the consultation, our overwhelming impression is that the creation of regulations and guidance, along with the ongoing running of the Fund, is focussed on administrative convenience rather than the needs of applicants. The focus seems to … Read more
Responding to Stage 1 report We welcome the depth and detail in the Welfare Reform Committee’s consideration of the Bill. In this section we respond to some of the points made in the Stage 1 report. Fraud/Trust We are supportive of the Committee’s recommendation tha… Read more
Commitment to maintaining dignity and respect As outlined in our Stage 1 briefing[i], SCVO and the wider third sector were supportive of the Committee’s recommendation that the ethos underpinning the Fund must be based on trust and respect for applicants[ii]. We con… Read more

Basic Digital Skills Framework Consultation Draft SCVO Response

Introductory questions 1. Do you agree that a simple framework for Basic Digital Skills that all key stakeholders adopt, would be useful? Yes The term ‘digital skills’ is often used to describe a wide range of skills and capabilities, from the capabilities everyone needs to be ab… Read more