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SCVO welcomes the opportunity to respond to this inquiry and would like to contribute the following: Introduction It is heartening to see this inquiry into a Sottish approach on taxation, and we are pleased that the Finance Committee is looking to initiate a debate … Read more

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Direction of travel In July 2015 SCVO held a Fairer Scotland event, attended by many of our members and officials from Scottish Government. The key principles outlined at that event formed the backbone of the Fairer Scotland strategy and it is heartening to see the … Read more
Introduction We welcome the opportunity to respond to this review of enterprise and skills in Scotland. Scotland’s enterprise and skills agencies should fulfil a vital role in delivering Scotland’s economic priorities, fostering inclusive growth and investing in the… Read more
Introduction With the recent introduction of the Scottish Government’s new economic strategy and fair work agenda, now is an opportune time to ensure that procurement is used to tackle poverty and inequality. As we said in our paper An Economy for All, there are fou… Read more
Introduction SCVO welcomes the Committee’s call for views on its future work programme and how the Committee itself should undertake its work. At a time when there is a strong public, press and policy focus on Scotland, largely following the substantial engagement i… Read more
Motion That the Parliament notes with concern the ever increasing rise in the number of people relying on food banks in Scotland and across the UK; considers that it is not only the unemployed, but also those underemployed or underpaid who are increasingly becoming … Read more