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Key findings 80% of Scottish charities receive some form of donations and fundraised income from the general public. Donations account for 11% of third sector income. In 2013 donations rose to an all-time high of £537 million, growing by £66 million between 2012 and… Read more

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Informal review of charity fundraising in Scotland 29 July 2015 The Scottish Government asked SCVO to undertake an informal review of public charity fundraising in Scotland to assess whether the existing framework for self-regulation of fundraising practice is suffi… Read more
The third sector in Scotland employs an estimated 138,000 people (headcount) or 83,350 Full Time Equivalent workers. This equates to 5.6% of the Scottish workforce. 27% of regulated third sector organisations employ staff. Number of regulated voluntary organisations… Read more
Income, Regional and Social Inequality SCVO considers that any future Scottish Government economic strategies should focus on using the economy, and the wealth it creates, to tackle Scotland’s endemic social, health and income inequalities. Scotland suffers from eco… Read more
The Impact of Sanctions in Scotland Our members will no doubt respond with details of the impact of sanctions on the people they work with on a daily basis. Across the third sector in Scotland, evidence of the devastation caused by sanctions, in many cases applied i… Read more


Loan Policy (PDF) Loan Application Criteria (PDF) Starter Loan Application (PDF) Budget Loan Application (PDF) Standard Loan Application (PDF) Read more