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The human costs of welfare reform The sector has been at the forefront of dealing with the fall out of a range of cuts and changes to benefits and tax credits.[i] Working with our members and partners and a whole range of voluntary organisations, the picture we are … Read more

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Context Across Scotland, the third sector has been dealing with the impact of welfare cuts and wider austerity policies head on. The picture we have is now well developed with increasing evidence of people being left in extreme need, and in some cases, with nowhere … Read more
Income, Regional and Social Inequality SCVO considers that any future Scottish Government economic strategies should focus on using the economy, and the wealth it creates, to tackle Scotland’s endemic social, health and income inequalities. Scotland suffers from eco… Read more
SCVO briefing ahead of Scottish Government Debate: International Women’s Day 8th March 2018 Summary As just last week, more statistics highlight more issues we’re yet to address in terms of gender equality[1], we look to International Women’s Day as a reminder of ho… Read more
20th January 2015 The third sector in Scotland has long thought that ensuring the well-being of people across Scotland should be the guiding principle behind any vision for Scotland. Inequality is not just about the money in people’s pockets. It’s about a range of o… Read more
A Rights Deficit? Along with our members and third sector/civic society partners, SCVO has been vocal about the impact of austerity measures and welfare cuts and the resultant effect on people’s ability to fulfil basic human rights. Responses to, for example, the Oa… Read more