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Our response SCVO welcomes this inquiry and would like to contribute the following: Introduction To begin, it is important to note that if we here in Scotland eventually move towards fully empowered communities (where real decision-making power – rather than just a … Read more

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Our response Long-term funding Many within the third sector do not receive funding from local authorities over more than one year. This is detrimental to their ability to plan for the future and provide the best service they can to what are often vulnerable groups. … Read more
John Downie, Director of Public Affairs for the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) said: “Today’s Scottish Government Budget was a landmark one, with the Scottish Government quite radically overhauling the tax system. We welcome the introduction of … Read more
First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon outlined her programme for government for the forthcoming year today (5 Sept 2017). Commenting on the announcement, Deputy Chief Executive of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, Lucy McTernan said:  “After a decade in of… Read more
Comments on the Bill To give communities a greater say over local spending priorities, 10% of the total budget for the public sector in each local authority area could be allocated for participatory budgeting processes We support the introduction of a single, clear … Read more
Land and Buildings Transaction Tax Bands and Rates: Call for Evidence This paper presents SCVO’s position on the Land and Buildings Transaction Tax bands and rates presented in the draft Budget 2015-16. It is offered in response to the Scottish Parliament’s Finance … Read more