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September 2017 Summary Introduction Here at SCVO we have been engaging our members in a wide-ranging conversation on tax and spending options, in order to find out what are the suggestions the third sector would like to bring to the table ahead of this year’s budget… Read more

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Introduction Tax reform is a complex issue and not one that we are experts in. However, given that a large number of our member organisations support those on low incomes and/or benefits, that others campaign for changes in land distribution and ownership, and that … Read more
SCVO welcomes the opportunity to respond to this inquiry and would like to contribute the following: Introduction It is heartening to see this inquiry into a Sottish approach on taxation, and we are pleased that the Finance Committee is looking to initiate a debate … Read more
New Powers In her opening remarks, the First Minister placed emphasis on the fact that her statement coincided with a new parliament with new powers at its disposal. Four new Bills in the legislative programme will see these powers used for the first time those are:… Read more
What are the post referendum challenges and opportunities for carers? Read more
What does an Icelandic general assembly first held over a thousand years ago have in common with the Scottish Rural Parliament first held in Oban earlier this month? Find out in this blog from SCVO Head of Rural Policy Norman MacAskill. Read more