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Motion That the Parliament notes with concern the ever increasing rise in the number of people relying on food banks in Scotland and across the UK; considers that it is not only the unemployed, but also those underemployed or underpaid who are increasingly becoming … Read more

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SCVO welcomes the opportunity to respond to this inquiry and would like to contribute the following: Introduction It is heartening to see this inquiry into a Sottish approach on taxation, and we are pleased that the Finance Committee is looking to initiate a debate … Read more
Income, Regional and Social Inequality SCVO considers that any future Scottish Government economic strategies should focus on using the economy, and the wealth it creates, to tackle Scotland’s endemic social, health and income inequalities. Scotland suffers from eco… Read more
Motion: That the Parliament welcomes the launch of Scotland’s Outlook, a joint third sector campaign that aims to raise awareness of the scale and impact of poverty in Scotland; recognises that the campaign uses a weather analogy with the aim of sharing meaningful e… Read more
Introduction Our starting point is that our economy needs to change. In our discussion paper ‘An Economy for All’ we suggest four guiding principles which should underpin an urgently needed rethinking of our economy: The well-being and collective prosperity of peopl… Read more
Context Across Scotland, the third sector has been dealing with the impact of welfare cuts and wider austerity policies head on. The picture we have is now well developed with increasing evidence of people being left in extreme need, and in some cases, with nowhere … Read more