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More options download as a PDF document download as a Word document Introduction SCVO welcomes the opportunity to respond to this review of sanctions within the Jobseekers Allowance regime. Our aim in this response is to highlight the devastating impact of sanctions… Read more

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SCVO’s policy work is driven by three strategic aims – Society, Economy and Democracy. Our response is structured around these aims: Society – ensuring that policy making reflects our changing society and the importance of empowering and supporting people, their con… Read more
Can the Scottish Government make better policy than its UK counterpart? Read more
Introduction SCVO has been keen to support an open conversation about tax, including the purpose, design, and language used to talk about tax. We therefore welcome the opportunity to respond to this review of business rates in Scotland. Within our response, business… Read more
Our response Question 1 – Do you agree that the Government’s three core principles are appropriate to inform the delivery of an effective and proportionate lobbying registration regime in Scotland? The core principles described are largely successful in defining wha… Read more