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As the Bill to take forward health and social care integration moves to its final stages, please find below a short briefing from SCVO. Summary The third sector has a vital and full role to play in both strategic and locality planning to achieve the outcomes envisag… Read more

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Dignity and Choice; Action not Rhetoric We welcome the addition of a dignity clause at Stage 2 but remain disappointed that the third sector’s more detailed amendment was rejected. Whilst political rhetoric in Scotland calls for a more compassionate and empowering a… Read more
Summary This Bill fails to address how procurement can be used to benefit people and communities across Scotland. This purpose should be in the Bill. Without changes, the opportunity of this Bill to truly imbed sustainable procurement into contracting culture will b… Read more
Briefing Paper: Stage 2 Reading of Social Security (Scotland) Bill – Part 3 21 February 2018 View the full document here: SCVO Social Security Bill Briefing Stage 2 Part 3 Our position The Scottish Government’s aspiration to take a rights-based approach to social se… Read more
Responding to Stage 1 report We welcome the depth and detail in the Welfare Reform Committee’s consideration of the Bill. In this section we respond to some of the points made in the Stage 1 report. Fraud/Trust We are supportive of the Committee’s recommendation tha… Read more
Beyond legislation The Community Empowerment Bill is one small part of the change needed to enable more empowered communities. It is vital that this Bill is considered in those terms and not seen as the totality of the approach that is required. It is our view that … Read more