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Introduction SCVO is alarmed by the legislation being brought forward as part of the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administrations Bill. It is our view that the second part of the Bill which focusses on non-party campaigning is an a… Read more

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What is Non-party Campaigning? Individuals or organisations that campaign in elections, but are not standing as political parties or candidates, are called non-party campaigners. The Electoral Commission regulates activities deemed as being for election purposes dur… Read more
SCVO briefing The non-party campaigning section of this bill must be withdrawn The bill is an attack on democracy which could restrict legitimate participation in the political process Implications of the changes in Scotland The reductions in spending and registrati… Read more
Our response Question 1 – Do you agree that the Government’s three core principles are appropriate to inform the delivery of an effective and proportionate lobbying registration regime in Scotland? The core principles described are largely successful in defining wha… Read more
In the run up to the UK Parliamentary general election in June, a number of voluntary organisations got in touch with us worried about the rules for non-party campaigning at the election, and how they might apply retrospectively. But in many cases the organisations … Read more
Legislation is negative for the Scottish third sector, especially smaller organisations Read more