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Introduction Scotland is in a privileged position as we debate our future as a nation. We have a unique opportunity to debate the kind of society we want to see, and the ways in which we might achieve this vision. The future of welfare and the possibility that Scotl… Read more

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SCVO has published the first in a series of papers which lay out the third sector’s vision and ambitions for a Scotland of the future in the run-up to next year’s referendum. The report brings together thinking and ideas from across the third sector and will help to… Read more

Policy & research

SCVO’s policy team works to ensure that the needs and concerns of the third sector in Scotland are represented in the Scottish, United Kingdom and European Parliaments. By acting as an authoritative and trusted voice for the sector, SCVO’s policy and research output i… Read more
Overview This paper is written by one of Scotland’s leading social policy experts Jim McCormick. It examines the impacts of the UK Government’s welfare cuts and reforms. SCVO’s starting point is that the UK coalition Government’s welfare cuts are unmerited and unjus… Read more
When the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) came into being, they marked a tectonic shift in how the UN considered global problems – that they are just that – global – and affect all of us. This has the potential to revolutionise how different actors and sectors a… Read more