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Policy & research

SCVO’s policy team works to ensure that the needs and concerns of the third sector in Scotland are represented in the Scottish, United Kingdom and European Parliaments. By acting as an authoritative and trusted voice for the sector, SCVO’s policy and research output i… Read more

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Why charities need to embrace the digital agenda Read more
Leaders from across Scotland’s third sector have come together with a rallying call for all the nation’s charities and voluntary organisations to commit to seizing the opportunities presented by new technology and the internet. Over the last six months, 19 senior ch… Read more
Embracing digital has opened up the possibilities for doing more with less Read more
Last year SCVO supported a group of senior leaders from a wide range of organisations to launch a Call to Action for a Digitally Confident Third Sector in Scotland. More than 100 sector leaders discussed, debated and contributed their experiences, hopes and fears at… Read more