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The Future of Social Care in Scotland View this document as a PDF May 2017 This paper is presented as an accompanying discussion paper to Jo Armstrong’s analysis ‘Scotland’s social care sector: The financial evidence that is driving change.’ Introduction Scotland’s … Read more

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How to solve a problem like social care? You will no doubt have noticed that the ‘social care crisis’ in England and Wales is playing out across our print and TV media. This coverage focuses primarily on declining finances and staff shortages. However, we must remem… Read more
Ambitious plans hatched to improve social care support in Scotland Read more
Introduction In general, we welcome the broad direction of travel of social security in Scotland, in particular the emphasis placed on ensuring each individual is treated with dignity and respect. Our members recognise the scale of the challenges facing the Scottish… Read more
SCVO briefing Health and Social Care Standards Our response The Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) welcomes the opportunity to respond to this consultation on the new National Health and Social Care Standards.     Social care amounts to over a quarte… Read more