Today sees the launch of Microsoft’s commitment to Scotland’s Digital Participation Charter. As one of the original founder signatories we’re delighted that they are still committed to the drive to make sure that everyone in Scotland has the skills and motivation to use the internet.

Last week David McNeill, SCVO’s Director of Digital met with Stevie Grier Microsoft’s Country Manager to finalise a refresh of their offer. This refresh is firmly focused on the Charter being there to support Digital Participation and help people to help others get online.

Whether we like to think so or not we all know someone who’s not online. As with the analogy of ‘would you teach your children to drive?’ it can be easy to allow someone to watch doing an online search or internet shopping, but without some additional support how easy is to actually teach someone how to do those things. Microsoft have developed some learning guides to do exactly that.

              Grier (l) and David McNeill (r) at Micosoft's Edinburgh office
Stevie Grier (l) and David McNeill (r) at Microsoft’s Edinburgh office

For some time now we have been focusing towards the strategy being on delivery. This definitely follows that line.

What we really want everyone to focus on is the hands on encouragement not developing new ‘how to’s’. These learning guides help you to do just that: to focus on what you’re good at, enthusing, encouraging and rewarding!

Stevie Grier said, “Microsoft in Scotland are delighted to continue support of Scotland’s Digital Participation Charter with SCVO – the internet is everywhere these days and can be a fantastic liberator, and we remain committed in partnership to making sure that those who need a little help have access to the right resources and guidance to enable them to get started, stay safe and be productive whether at work, in education or at home.”