Skyscanner OneDay workshops

At Skyscanner, we take one day each year to close down our 11 offices around the world and give everyone the chance to get involved with an activity that benefits their local community, we thought long and hard about what to call this initiative and finally decided on OneDay!

People can do whatever they like and last year we had teams providing lunch to homeless people in Budapest, upgrading a children’s community centre in Glasgow, cleaning up the Water of Leith in Edinburgh, running a vertical marathon in Singapore (40 storeys up a skyscraper), plant over 40 trees in Sofia as well as many other events in all our locations.

A group of us in Edinburgh wanted to use some of the skillsets we have in Skyscanner and make them available to third sector organisations in a day of workshops and conversations. With the help of the SCVO, we gathered over 100 people from charities across Scotland and covered subjects such as mind-set, Social Media, data analysis, website user experience, productivity, problem analysis, continuous improvement and internal communication. We received a phenomenal response from the attendees of the event and we had a blast doing it. We also learned a lot, it turns out that talking to others about how to do something really makes you reflect on how well you’re currently doing it yourself!

On Friday June 16th, we’re doing it all again andwe’d love to welcome you into our Edinburgh office for another, slightly revised day of workshops. This time, instead of picking every subject ourselves, we want to know what problems you’re currently facing so we can match a portion of the day with the most common issues raised by the group. When you sign up you’ll be asked a couple of questions to help us gather this information but if you’d prefer not to share an issue, that’s fine – we’d love to have you along all the same.

Based on the feedback we received last year we’re planning a couple of changes this time around. Last year everyone had the time to attend just two workshops.  People told us they wanted more – so we’re aiming for everyone to be able to attend four workshops, if we can’t make that work it will definitely be three.  In addition, we’re also planning to increase the number of experts available overall by having folks on hand during breaks, lunch and closing drinks who you can chat to about your specific situation and get more tailored input.

If you have any questions before signing up, please get in touch and we look forward to seeing you in June! 

To attend please complete our online registration form. 

Mike Hall

Tech Manager, Skyscanner.