Digital trail blazing in the third sector

Have you ever been the first person to try something? 

Were you the one who braved a new hair style or fashion trend?  Maybe you changed your career later in life (dreams of being an astronaut never die) or moved to the other side of the world for a fresh start (and the warmer weather!)?

I bet you had a few doubts and encountered a few doubters along the way but took the time and did it anyway.  I bet you reaped the rewards and learned loads while doing it; the sort of things that others in similar situations would want to know beforehand so they don’t have to do it the hard way. 

That’s why we need people like you – pioneers, bravely trail blazing on behalf of all the doubtful folk out there. 

It’s those kind of pioneers we need in the third sector, now more than ever, especially when it comes to digital!  With over half of all charities lacking basic organisational digital skills there’s a real risk our sector is getting left behind.

Lucky for us they do exist and they go by the name of Digital Pioneers!

Our Digital Pioneers from across the third sector like Euan’s Guide, Quarriers, SVE and Mhor Collective, recognise the need to continuously develop their digital skills and actively seek out new ways of doing things.  They get that it takes investing time, seeing what works best and learning from each step taken to reap rewards in the long-run. 

These rewards could be big or small, from teams like Grampian Housing Association using tablets to enable remote working and real-time assistance for tenants to iConnect North East engaging key volunteer support in the local area through social media to make a huge difference to people’s lives.

Our Digital Pioneers were happy to share their experiences and learning and we know there’s more of you out there.  So come on in, you’d be most welcome to join the Digital Pioneers club!

You can also share these examples with your networks and get in touch with us @digiscot using #digiscotpioneer or to be featured or to let us know about others you think are also leading the way. You could demonstrate your Digital Pioneer prowess even further and sign up to the Digital Participation Charter.

If you still fall into the digitally ‘doubtful’ category, what are you waiting for?! Take a look at our case studies, get inspired, take that collective learning and have a go at embracing digital as an organisation.  You’ll be reaping those rewards and learning before you know it. 

You can also find even more inspiration on our digital section, and you can sign up to our jam-packed fortnightly eBulletin so you’re up to date on the latest. 

Go on, be the first in your organisation to try something digital.  Be a Digital Pioneer!