The digital revolution has already happened and we are living in the aftermath.  “The scale of change that has taken place – in how people chose to communicate, watch TV, learn, bank, shop and organise their lives has been likened to the industrial revolution” writes Julie Dodd in The New Reality.   If such a seismic change has taken place, then what does that mean for volunteering?  

Organisations are starting to evolve and transform the way in which they communicate, fundraise, deliver their services and support their work.  So naturally the opportunities and places for volunteering and the skills needed are changing too.   

A quick look at Volunteer Scotland reveals the breadth of innovation already taking place in charities in Scotland.  Using the keyword ‘digital’ returned fifty five results ranging from support to help people learn basic digital skills, through to delivering online support, developing social media content, digital storytelling, archiving and Trusteeship.  

Here are just a few examples of organisations seeking digital volunteers:

Many of these opportunities can be carried out – after training – from home or on the go, as well as at an organisation’s base.  This is definitely a plus for attracting people from a really wide and diverse pool and can make volunteering seem really attractive to those with busy lives and amplify impact.

So this Volunteers’ Week – why not have a think about increasing the activities which can be carried out online, and recruit the volunteers who can help you?