Have you ever pondered the basic digital skills framework and wondered how or even why particular elements are in there? Well, now’s your opportunity to question, challenge and re-shape its content. The Tech Partnership is leading a consultation and refresh supported by a steering group drawn from across the UK. The framework forms the bedrock of SCVO’s digital participation programme, so getting it right is fundamental to our work. Our initial thoughts are outlined in the four bullet points below.

  • ‘Basic’ Digital Skills is a phrase which can be a barrier to introducing and discussing the subject. Maybe the word ‘foundation’ digital skills would be more appropriate?
  • The framework, as it stands, is focused around more traditional access to the internet via ‘typing’ on a device. It doesn’t explicitly take into account the plethora of blue tooth and internet connected devices which are now far more prevalent than they were in 2015 when the framework was last published. These devices could have a serious impact on personal and home safety and security for everyone.
  • Many of the people without Basic Digital Skills won’t be directly caught by an ‘educational’ approach. People who are socially excluded are more likely to be digitally excluded. They are the segment of society who are least likely to participate in formal skills development of any kind. We would want to ensure that the framework maintains a focus on people who are further away from using the internet and doesn’t shift to an emphasis on people who need the least nudge and support.
  • Creating should remain a separate category. The thought and digital literacy which can be introduced in this category is a valuable plank of knowledge of safety and security.

We’ve developed a draft response to the changes and would really like your help to make it a document which reflects the views of organisations from across Scotland. Send your comments to digital@scvo.org.uk or come along to the half day workshop in Edinburgh on March 14th. This is your opportunity to come along and discuss with us and other colleagues the final response content.