SCVOs digital evolution programme focuses on supporting organisations to understand how digital technologies can help them transform. So far we’ve taken our soundings from a vast array of leaders who have participated in and shown their interest in our Senior Leaders Programme. Both from the applications we’ve received outlining what they’d like to change and why, through to individual experiences and stories of change from those attending the programme

We continue on the journey with our alumni and also an overwhelming response to our Call to Action

Not all of our activity is reactive though. We know that sometimes new territories need to be chartered for others to have the confidence to take their own steps. We’ve learned that just sometimes we’re planning a particular topic which just hits at the right time. Cyber Resilience and Cyber Essentials was just one of those right place, right time projects.

However those keened eared of you who have been part of any of our events, projects or conversations will know that one of the most often statements we make for solving problems or creating something new is ‘Don’t second guess, ask the end users’. So, I guess we’d be being a bit hypocritical if we didn’t support the Charity Digital Skills Report 2018. We’ll be completing the survey and would encourage you all to do so too. What better way of helping us to help you than telling us exactly the support and development opportunities you need.