Volunteers week 2018 has the strap line ‘Volunteering for All’ for all UK countries.

I’m especially pleased about this, as it’s a direct take from the work being led by the Scottish Government with bold and ambitious thinking to make it the norm for everyone to be engaged in all things voluntary.

This is not a numbers game though. It’s about well-being and the positive impact that volunteering brings about.

It’s also about recognising what we’re really celebrating this year is the human capacity of our people. To the massive reservoir of common good that can tell a country’s story through the whole population having experience of volunteering, the giving and receiving. That each and every one of us has an experience to share and our own story to tell. A strap line “Volunteering for All” that is a non-fiction story!

You can get involved in Volunteers’ Week by signing the Thunderclap, becoming a Volunteers’ Week Scotland partner and by downloading the resources available online.