Glasgow Life built basic digital skills for both workforce and service users, through a six month Digital Internship post. This meant they could create created a mentored online learning resource for frontline staff working with client groups least likely to have basic digital skills and access.

They said: “Overall this project delivered a range of mentored digital CPD learning resource for a wide range of frontline staff (Youth, Community, Play workers, ESOL and ALN tutors). The content was based on the ’23 Things’ approach originally developed for Information Professionals and more recently adopted by the Scottish Government Library as a digital learning approach for civil servants.

In terms of outputs we have to date delivered training for 40 frontline workers. The training materials are currently being reviewed and expanded following feedback from the first tranche of trainees and will commence again in Autumn 2016 after a workforce rationalisation process has concluded.

We created an online (Moodle based – in partnership with Glasgow Kelvin College) learning resource which will continue to develop and expand.

In terms of outcomes for the people and groups we care about, this project has ensured that our frontline staff have the skills and knowledge to weave relevant digital learning elements into the work they are already doing with harder to reach groups – exposing these learners (often for the first time) to the advantages and learning resources available online.”