This week SCVO has launched its 2015 general election survey. We’re canvassing the sector to find out who you are thinking of voting for, and what the important issues are for you, on a personal level, and to your organisation.

This info feeds into the campaigning work we do with politicians, allowing us to make sure the issues closest to your hearts are the ones we focus on. The results also help us to show parties where they’re performing well and badly in addressing the sector’s concerns, which encourages them to come up with some improved policies for now and the future.

I’m expecting to see massive changes from the last time we did this survey

And, with the 2016 Scottish election coming up soon enough, we’ve also asked how people think they will vote in the 2016 elections – allowing us to plan ahead.

We carried out the same survey in 2010, ahead of the last general election and I’m expecting to see massive changes from the last time we did this survey. If recent polls are anything to go by – and if the third sector reflects the general population in their political concerns (a big ‘if’ perhaps!) – then we would expect the results this year to be drastically different from those in 2010. We’ve also offered the same wide range of topic tick boxes for the topic question this year, so it will be interesting to see whether your priorities have altered. I’ll be following up on this once the results are in with a proper comparison with the 2010 results, so check back in a few weeks if you want to see how things have changed.

And if you haven’t already, you can fill out the survey.

And if you’d like to quiz the politicians in person, book to come to our free hustings event.