Webinar on the freedom of information extension of coverage consultation 14th November 2019

The Gathering 2018

14th November 2019 13:00
14th November 2019 14:30
Paul Bradley
07387 268013



Join SCVO, OSCR and the Scottish Government to hear an update and engage in dialogue on the Scottish Government’s live consultation seeking views on further extending the coverage of FOISA, with a focus on those who provide services on behalf of the public sector, which could include voluntary sector bodies and your organisation.

All you need to do is register and join the discussion online from your desk or comfort of your own home.


Overall aim

In this session, we’ll hear from civil servants on the background of the consultation, which closes on 22ndNovember 2019. This webinar will provide an opportunity for our organisations to share and collate information relating to the impact of any extension to voluntary sector bodies delivering services on behalf of the public sector. It is hoped that the session will support participants in writing their own submissions to the consultation and/or contribute to those from other organisations and SCVO.


In June 2018 the Scottish Parliament pressed the Scottish Government to focus on the possible extension of Freedom of Information Scotland Act (FOISA) to the specific services any private organisation (non-public sector) is delivering that is a public service. Note, this does not mean applying FOISA to an organisation as a whole but rather to the specific public service being delivered by, in this instance, a voluntary organisation under contract with an existing public authority. The Scottish Government want to hear views on potential challenges, positives, priorities of any extension at this stage (not just from the voluntary sector). Analysis will be produced for spring 2020, and any future changes would be developed over time with trenches of different orders in the future, if there was to be an extension.

Who is this event aimed at?

The event is aimed at voluntary sector bodies that have an interest in decisions relating to extending the coverage of FOISA to those organisations who provide services on behalf of the public sector.

Other information

Participants can forward any concerns, issues and items they would like to see covered in advance of the event topaul.bradley@scvo.org.uk.

Participants can access the Scottish Government’s consultation on Freedom of Information extension of coveragehere.

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