Fundraising in Scotland: survey report

The Gathering 2018

Year of publication

This report presents an analysis of a survey carried out by SCVO to inform SCVO?s review into fundraising regulation.

Key Findings - Respondents were keen for the fundraising review to take a proportionate view of the landscape and priorities in Scotland.

  • A small number of fundraising practices carried out by just a small number of larger charities or contracted agencies are the source of the majority of complaints and concerns.
  • Regulators and charities were perceived to be unclear on their individual roles and responsibilities and how they best work together to support and improve fundraising.
  • Where the public does have a concern, respondents felt it is often unclear where they can make a complaint, and to have confidence in that complaint being dealt with.
  • However, there was an overall preference for fundraising regulation that focuses on promoting good practice, rather than on responding to complaints.
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